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My name is Larissa de Wolf. I was in born in 1991 in Schiedam, the Netherlands. As a child I started drawing and painting and done this ever since. Art is my passion and hopefully I can make it my profession.


As a beginning artist you use known artist as your guides and inspiration. At the moment I’m a student of world famous artist Alik Assatrian. I’m learning a lot from him, especially his techniques and way of life.


The most important theme in my work is Japanese mythology. The Japanese culture has been an inspiration for me for many years. I’m mainly focused on mythological creatures. It’s mainly about gentle and mean monsters, good and nasty demons, different kind of spirits, demigods and so on. Each of these creatures has their own story and his own place in Japanese everyday life. A lot of these creatures are century’s old and are used in a lot of mythological stories and Japanese folklore.









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